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About The MT Tattoos



stylistic realism


new traditional

Polynesia tribal (Free hand)

Japanese Traditional

"kinda a jack of all trades" 

      The "MT" is empty. MT Tattoos now makes sense. Yes, there is a story to the name, so just ask to hear more about how it came to be. MT Tattoos started with buying a  tattoo shop in Pacifica, California back in 2003. Then, MT Tattoos expanded by opening another shop in 2005, located in Redwood City, California.  In 2012, we opened a third location on Woodside. With traveling and tattooing becoming a bigger life goal, we closed the shops in 2017 and set out on the road.

        Now, MT Tattoos calls Austin, TX home, but travel is always on my mind. I'm always going out of my way to make sure clients never lose touch with me, so I keep in touch with all of my California and Texas clients, and everyone in between.

        Because life is always moving and I love staying connected with those who wear my art, there are a number of ways to stay in touch with me. You can reach out on Instagram, Facebook, this website, and of course, my trusty cell phone.   No excuses (lol)

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